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Sunday, 18 September 2016

"Being Cute Just Made Me Miserable": Mara Wilson On Growing Up In Hollywood

Fantastic and well worth your time. Mara Wilson, best known for her role as Matilda, writes about what it was like to be cast as a young girl in roles that were best filled by a cute but essentially average-looking girl, but as she hit puberty, she was offered terrible roles, and was later eclipsed by other actresses who were conventionally beautiful, but not better actors. She eventually gave up acting, and escaped from the relentless commentary on her body and her face. She doesn't seem to regret it...but deep down, you have to wonder if she simply conceded, and made the best of it. Really brave story, but also a sad commentary on our culture and the body image issues so many girls and women face.

She was the adorable little girl in Matilda and Mrs Doubtfire… then the phone stopped ringing. The former child star lifts the lid on hitting puberty in the public eye

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