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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Prince William's Advice To A Boy Who Lost His Mom...

"Men are expected to be a strong rock, protector and problem-solver for their families. They are rarely offered any other way of grieving than being strong, capable, in control and managing their family’s grief. This means they must postpone their own grief to be the support for others. Part of healing may mean a temporary dependence on someone to hear a man’s pain and help him process his grief. Yet, for many men, this sort of dependency is seen as 'weakness.' Many boys learn early in life that being male means not depending on anybody but yourself and keeping a 'stiff upper lip.' To have to be dependent, even briefly, can cause men to feel anxious and vulnerable; therefore, they refuse the help needed for healing. They hurt and know they hurt, but prefer to cope with the pain alone. They are more oriented to fact gathering and problem-solving and usually choose not to participate in support that is oriented toward talking and feeling. Avoiding the work of grief causes a lot of complicated grief among men in our culture, which can destroy their ability to enjoy life again." - Dr. Lou Wallace, via ATTN:

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