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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Josephine Cochrane Invented The Mechanical Dishwasher

National Women's History Museum
3 hrs
‪#‎DYK‬ Josephine Cochrane invented the mechanical dishwasher. The first one she developed was hand powered and meant to be used outside. It was patented in 1886, and was the first dishwasher to use water pressure to clean dishes. While it was created for home use, Cochrane had a difficult time selling it to families. Instead, only hotels and institutions bought it. Cochrane determined the cost was too high for families. As Cochrane sold to these hotels she found it very difficult, as it came during the time when women were often not alone in hotels. Nine of Cochrane's dishwashers were used at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. It also won first place at the fair for "best mechanical construction, durability and adaptation to its line of work." After the fair, Cochrane was able to open her own factory. Cochrane's company began to thrive just before her death in 1913. (Photo Credit: The Robinson Library) ‪#‎womenshistory‬

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