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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Here, You Can Breathe... Here, You Are Enough

Six weeks ago, I was feeling unsteady, depleted, and far away from myself. This was not the first time … or even the second time. I was upset with myself for not preventing it. But condemning myself for being human is not how I choose to live. There are just some lessons I need to learn again and again. But with each familiar stumble, there is a new discovery in the getting up. I am grateful I stumbled when I did—otherwise I wouldn’t have said yes to what would eventually bring me back to life—back to MY life—as opposed to accepting a depleted life dictated by other people’s requests and expectations. In a world that demands so much from us—the adults, the teens, and the children—we need a place where we can breathe and know our mere presence is enough. I have discovered such a place—and it is available to all of us. This is my latest post. Thank you for being part of The Hands Free Revolution. I am grateful for your support and presence.
Hold tight; you’re slowly coming back to life. I’ll be keeping your head up. Let go of all your haunted dreams tonight. I’ll be keeping your head up. -Birdy *name has been changed…

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